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The perfect combination: Chocolate & wine!

Chocolate and wine go well together,
don’t they?
Not at all!

At least not, if you haven’t explored them. Finding the right wine for the chocolate and the right chocolate for the wine is complex, almost a small, playful science for yourself. Why? The wine of a vintage often differs completely from that of another, and what used to perfectly match, suddenly no longer tastes.

And there's at least as much to consider when it comes to chocolate - but look who is talking...When our chocolate and wine sommelier Patrick von Vacano was asked for the first time to look at the best Original Beans chocolate and wine pairings, he tasted almost 100 wines in 3 days. His ambition was to find perfect matching pairs. Of course he succeeded in the end - and now he's back at it again. In the following article you will learn how chocolate and wine can make an absolutely heavenly combination and which rules should be observed when tasting. Patrick also reveals eight perfect pairings that you must try!


Heavy red wine in combination with dark chocolate?

Patrick von Vacano
Patrick von Vacano

“It's an absolute misconception that especially (and only) red wine goes well with chocolate," says our Original Beans expert. In fact, it's white or sparkling wines that go well with chocolate. Because the deep aromas of red wine often kill those of chocolate. In general, there are a few things to keep in mind with the super combination of wine and chocolate:

"The chocolate must be absolutely pure. Spices like vanilla ruin any pairing, because they are often found in wine as well and can never be in harmony with each other",

Patrick explains. How nice that our Single Origin chocolates consist of only two, maximum three ingredients: the rarest and best cocoa varieties in the world and sugar, as well as milk for milk chocolates. Nothing else. And when an expert like expert Patrick takes on the subject of wine and chocolate, pairings are created that open up completely new sensory worlds! We wouldn’t want to withhold them from you:


Chocolate & wine tasting

And how do you taste these perfect pairings? First of all we sniff the wine - and the chocolate. Because the nose is already picking up a lot of sensory information. Then we start with the wine, which should first be present in the mouth. Then comes the chocolate, which we slowly melt on our tongue. In this way their aromas can be combined with the taste of the wine. If you want to try several combinations, start with the chocolate with the lowest cocoa content. If white and red wines are tasted, white wine is the first.

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