Principle 4 - Produce 100% pure & natural - Original Beans

Principle 4 – Produce 100% pure & natural


with 100%


Think of organic extra virgin olive oil as a product standard that defines a 100% pure & natural product. So does natural wine. Original Beans products subscribe to a philosophy that keeps product additives to a minimum. Our processing is the art of doing less. As we want to bring out the natural aroma of unique cacao bean varieties, Original Beans products are 100% free from additives: no emulsifiers (like lecithin), no false fats (like palm oil), no industrial sugars, no aromas (like vanilla).




Sourced & preserved 8 rare cacao varieties
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Purchased direct from growers at 1,84x of Fairtrade Price
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Supplied 8 of the world’s best 50 restaurants
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Preserved 24.392 soccer fields of forest
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Grew 1,64m trees
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Reduced waste by 82% for all retail packaging
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