Principle 6 - Protect the climate - Original Beans

Principle 6 – Protect the climate


1,64m trees

The Original Beans climate strategy consists of 4 actions:

  1. Make 100% climate-positive products.
  2. Operate the company 100% climate-positive.
  3. Give our customers the opportunity to contribute by planting trees through One Bar: One Tree.
  4. Offer partner companies the opportunity to become climate-neutral by purchasing CO2 certificates from our Climate Forests.


For many years Original Beans products have been restoring the climate.

All of them are delivered CO2 negative to our wholesale customers. We achieve this by climate-consciously designing our supply chain, reducing CO2 emissions at every step. In our cacao gardens the great climate surplus happens through the magic of trees. Each 70g of Original Beans chocolate insets upwards of 100g of CO2. That’s enough to carbon balance your morning cup of coffee or tea.


In 2019, we operated our company 100% climate positive.

With the Original Beans CO2 Quick Scan tool we calculate the climate impact of our office, operations and travel. We offset those carbon emissions by buying certificates from our Climate Forests programme each year.


In 2019, together, we protected and reforested 1.64 million trees.

This year, Original Beans operated 26 tree nurseries in 8 origins in Africa and Latin America. In addition, we run community driven forest conservation projects with in Piura, Peru and Esmeraldas, Ecuador to actively protect old-growth forests. Our methodology, monitored by independent external assessors, requires us to count trees (by a certain number of samples), and establish an official and signed conservation contract and an integrated control system (e.g. park rangers) to count trees as “protected”.


In 2019, together, we drew-down 8263 tons Co2. 

This result contains three different components which have been measured by an independent expert team following approved international methodologies. The three are: A 100% climate positive supply chain, our One Bar : One Tree Programm and our Original Beans Climate Forests.


  1. In general our chocolate supply chain is Climate positive based on sustainable organic cacao farming in diverse cacao forests. Each 100g of chocolate or couverture we produce saves in their own supply chain 174 g CO2. This component equals 209.24 tons Co2 sequestration
  2. Planting of 448.918 trees. Based on a carbon assessment report from Carbon Roots we know that each new tree we plant in our projects is sequasting in average 370 g CO2 per year. This component equals 166.1 tons Co2 sequestration.
  3. Our Mono Bravo Forest Conservation Certificates which we generate from a high value coastal rain forest in our project in Esmeraldas / Ecuador. This Carbon value is calculated by an external professional from Carbon Roots. This component equals 7.888 tons Co2 sequestration


  Number of trees
Congo – Virunga 73998
Peru – Piura 249000
Ecuador – Esmeraldas 13507
Tanzania – Udzungwa 53013
Peru – Cusco 1700
Colombia – Arhuaco 7700
Mexico – Zoque 50000
trees total 448918



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